Whenever I use Windows on my Mac I'm always frustrated with the keyboard layout. I'm used to the Mac layout and Windows does it differently. All the special characters you use when programming, { } \ etc. are in the wrong places and what it says on the keys does not correspond to what actually appears. Urgh.

It turns out Microsoft have released a nice little utility that makes it really easy to create a new keyboard layout. I've used this to create a Danish Mac OS X-like keyboard layout for Windows.

On Windows the left option/alt key is reserved for accessing the menu, to access the special characters you have to use the right alt key (called AltGr on a PC). A minor annoyance which is quickly adjusted to.

On a Mac laptop we don't have the AltGr key, in Windows you can emulate it by pressing ctrl+option but this is cumbersome. Microsoft have released a powertoy (remapkey.exe, part of Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools) that is able to reassign the keys' functions, you can use this to make the right Apple/command key an AltGr key in Windows.